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MAKERGROUP started in 2003, Maker Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011 and is an integrated service provider for steel metallurgy and petrochemical equipment that integrates reseach, manufacture and trade. Through technological research and development innovation and investment development that integrates the entire industry chain, it has created integrated and modular supply of equipment in the steel metallurgy and petrochemical industries. It has developed in multiple dimensions in innovative application fields such as steel metallurgy, petrochemical equipment modular manufacturing, and intelligent operation and maintenance of devices, Provide customers with more excellent products and services. It consists of 

Maker Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. (Export)

Maker Import&Export Co., Ltd. (Import)

Maker Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Air knife factory)

Huayun Casting Technology Co., Ltd. (Casting factory)

Maker Technology (Singapore) Co., Ltd.


MAKERGROUP has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and has rich development experience and strong development strength in the steel metallurgy and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industries. We have collaborated with professional suppliers within the industry to develop under the unified brand "MAKER" for over 20 years. The company established Huayun Casting Technology Co., Ltd. in 2022 for casting products, and established Maker Machinery Technology Co., Ltd in 2023 for air knife system. Focusing on the production quality control of key components. Become a comprehensive service provider integrating science, industry, and trade. Implement an integrated system of technology research and development, design and manufacturing, and trade marketing.

       MAKERGROUP's steel metallurgy and petrochemical equipment supply and service projects are distributed in multiple countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, forming a global development layout. After more than 20 years of development, the "MAKER" brand has an outstanding reputation and reputation in the fields of steel, metallurgy, and petrochemical equipment services at home and abroad.

       MAKERGROUP innovates the supply mode of steel metallurgy and petrochemical equipment through technological innovation and industrial chain integration, creating a new business model for the joint export of domestic steel metallurgy and petrochemical equipment integrated manufacturing. Under the promotion of the new mode of integrated supply of industrial chain integration, the transformation from accessory supply to equipment supply and segmented contracted supply of production line equipment will be achieved. It not only simplifies the customer's procurement process, but also provides export of technical services.


MAKERGROUP sets sail again in the blue ocean of the international market!
In the future, MAKERGROUP will rely on the national development strategy of integrating the Yangtze River Delta region, committed to digital services, industrial interconnection, and industrial co prosperity ecology, closely adhering to the development strategy of "smart manufacturing, industry and finance symbiosis", continuously strengthening technological innovation, promoting the coordinated development of the three major industrial chains of manufacturing, design, and innovation, creating more value for investors, customers, partners, and employees, and creating more beauty for society!

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